January 4, 2011


Day two of day 21: I opened my bible to begin my quiet time this morning and started with a passage from a devotional book that I have. The devotional was on Psalm 106:8, 12 "He saved them for His name sake, that He might make known His mighty power….Then they believed His words; they sang his praise."

This is what it said….

Perhaps you've wondered: What if I make the wrong choice? What if I make a terrible mistake? You have stayed awake at night pondering the right way to handle some difficult decision, and you are fraught with anxiety.

God knows all that you are facing, and He knows how you should handle the situation. Will He help you with the decision that you need to make? Will He show you how to make the right choice? The answer is yes, when you ask Him to show you what is best and you believe Him.

He may speak to you through the Bible or through a trusted Christian friend, but you must trust and obey Him when He speaks. Be still, listen for His answer to your prayers, and be confident that He will lead you.

Psalms to Soothe a Woman's Heart


As I was reading this passage, the song Take You at Your Word by Avalon popped into my head.

Your word is life,
Your word is love,
Your word is true. . .

Everybody's looking for something to believe in
Lord, I find the faithful are few and far between
The more I read about You
The less I've cause to doubt you
What You say Lord,
You mean Now I've seen

I can take You at Your word
And my heart can rest assured
Lord I love you, Oh, I trust You
As I live I've learned
That I can take You at Your word

Your name is written here on the my life in love and kindness
Your word is hidden here in my heart to guard my soul
I've heard the gospel of
You're redeeming love
What You say, Lord, You do
I know it's true

If I am going to choose to follow God and trust Him, I have to choose to believe that what He says, He will do. The passage in Psalm says that He saved them for His namesake, that He might make His power known. God wants us to bring glory and honor to His name and will bless and protect those who choose to walk in His ways. How can I doubt His promises?

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