January 29, 2008

Lesson 2

For those of you wanting to know, the movie (The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything) was wonderful and I would even go to see it again. I highly recommend taking your preschoolers.

In order to explain the next lesson I learned, I must give you a brief rundown of the movie. The three main characters were chosen to be heroes by a King whom they felt had made a mistake in choosing them. They felt as if they were nobodies, unworthy and unable to carry out the tasks that had been presented to them. In the end, they completed their responsibilities and the King told them he had not made a mistake and that he had been with them along the way and had provided everything they had needed.

On the drive home, I thought about how often we doubt God’s plan for us. We question our ability to accomplish the tasks that He so diligently lays out before us. We wonder why we are even selected and deal with waves of unworthiness. We begin to question Him and the purpose for which we were created and these waves of uncertainty can totally leave our faith shipwrecked. (1 Timothy 1:19)Have you ever felt Him asking you to step out into uncharted waters? To do something that you feel there is no way possible you can do? It is easy to step out in faith when we know it can be accomplished in our own strength but it takes a lot more trust when we are asked to do something that causes us to rely totally on the Him. We as believers are called to live by faith and to cling to God’s promise that He will provide the wisdom and strength we need to achieve the tasks that He has for us. His Word says that when our faith is lacking and we are without deeds then our faith is ultimately dead. (James 2:26) If we fully trust in Him then we will live godly lives that lead us into acts of service and love that could only be done when one is walking with the Lord. When we have this kind of faith then we become a reflection of who Christ really is and will look different to those around us. When we choose to trust in Him and rely fully on His strength then our lives will be filled with joy, hope and peace. (Romans 15:13)

Written by Nicole

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