January 28, 2008

Lesson 1

I took my four year old on a date this afternoon and boy was it rewarding. He has been begging to go see the new Veggie Tale movie and I have been putting it off simply because I do not get too excited about talking vegetables. As always, God taught me two important lessons today and I will share the first with you today and the second tomorrow.

Lesson number one:

As we got in the car and headed to the theatre, my little guy turned into a chatterbox and he glowed with excitement. As we approached every stop light, he would announce that we were getting closer to the movie place. Once in the parking lot, he jumped out of the car and grabbed my hand. I asked him if he was ready for our big date and he said he was too little to be going on dates. He said that this was special time with mommy. We went inside and got his popcorn and candy and headed to the theatre. As he carried his popcorn and drink in that cute little cardboard carrier, running as fast as his little feet could without spilling it all, he kept saying over and over, “I’m so excited I get to see the Pirate movie with you mommy".

WOW! Suddenly it made me think about my walk with the Lord. Do I go into every quiet time with that kind of enthusiasm? Excitement about spending some personal time with my Heavenly Father and the new things He will show me. There are days I do and days that I totally miss the mark. Should we not always be thrilled about getting to spend time with God?

You know, just as I was excited about spending time with my little guy, God is always waiting with excitement for us to draw close and spend time with Him. He waits for us to come and grab His hand, walking with Him saying, I am so eager to be with You. Fellowship with the Lord is such an important part of being a believer. In fact, God sent His Son to die so that we could have that one on one time with Him whenever we choose. What an awesome privilege to know that He waits with anticipation for us to come and fellowship with Him. How incredible that He created everyone and is thrilled when we choose to spend our time with Him. As small and unimportant as we think we are, there is a big God who desires to meet with us every day. WOW! Have you met with Him today?

Written by Nicole

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